• Leonie Lewis

Everything in the garden is rosy...well nearly everything

We have entered a new phase, the new norm: what have we witnessed? Intensification of mask wearing, longer queues, greater patience when online, something now referred to as Zoom etiquette, Zoom meetings, the return of football ('Away the Lads) and a continued blossoming of seasonal flowers.

I have also evidenced peoples` increasing interest in hobbies and things we might have done years ago using our hands, such as baking, cooking, planting fruit and veg, gardening, cheese making, painting and DIY.

The sunny weather has meant more of us have been outside and have taken up cycling, walking and running and I've remember what my legs are for as I go out for walks most days.

Whilst on these walks I've been recording the changes to the flowers, shrubs and fields around me with my trusted iPhone at hand.

What began as a simple idea has become hobby forming and I continue to take pictures of nature during the pandemic.

As I walk each day and am now venturing further afield outside of my immediate 3 mile radius, I couldn’t help but notice how flowers showed off their colours one day and then a month or two later died; only to be replaced by other equally beautiful flowers. From bluebells to wisteria, to the incredible stunning rhododendron, to the wonderful vibrant colours of the roses, that we see now.

I ask myself, are they always this beautiful or am I just recognising the colours for the first time? I have been used to driving my car, even for very local chores and I’m always rushing around and up until lock-down, I really had never appreciated the flowers and the greenery that seems to defy COVID and grow in abundance and on my doorstep.

I realise how happy the pictures make me and what I have been missing pre-COVID. Surely now everything in the garden is becoming rosy!

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